Copy This: Painting Geometries on Your Wall, or Floor

We are smitten with this radical optical-illusion color block. Even without the table and chairs, there is something thrillingly startling about painting a bright, bold geometry over everything on a wall.  (When we search GEOMETRY on Improvised Life, we find it a recurring theme. Perhaps because it seems like a do-able way to shift a room using simple, surprising visuals, like this big round circle…

…and this super shiny door surrounded by panels of the same material, that place the door in a context of a bold square. (Hi-gloss paint would achieve a similar effect.)

“Geometry” doesn’t have to mean clean lines…We could see applying these roughly painted squares right on a wall…

Walls are not the only place bold color geometries work. Dig this red-painted carpet.

We could see taking any one of these ideas, and making them our own.


Images via World of Interiors’ great Pinterest

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