Tom Sachs’ Video Homage to Plywood Will Help You Create

(Video link here.) When we stumbled on the sleek, illuminated video, Love Letter to Plywood, on Kottke, we hadn’t realized it was by artist Tom Sachs. Of all the plywood “makers” we know, he is among the most inspiring. The guy seriously understands and works the stuff, from his plywood “concrete” block, to his black plywood clad fridge (below).

A few years ago, we posted his video Love Letter to Plywood. Since then, he’s updated, refined it, added to it to create not only an homage, but simple lessons that will help you work with it: essential plywood understanding will pour right into your head in the most pleasureable way.

It might inspire you fashion a chair like the wonderfully odd throne by Ross Anderson…



… or Sach’s simple beauty below…

Tom Sachs'

Tom Sachs’

…or even update an ugly fridge, a la Sachs.

Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs

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