EverBlock: Life Size Modular Lego-ish Building Blocks

We’ve written numerous posts wishing out loud for a life-size building block that would allow us to create with the ease of a Lego; over the years, we’ve featured some “close-but- not-quite-right iterations“. Our wish has come true, at last. Serial entrepreneur Arnon Rosen applied his knowledge of modular flooring to create the technology to produce 12-inch plastic snap-together blocks. Everblocks can be configured in any number of ways to create structures of various kinds. He sent us samples from his impressive first manufacturing run at his Bronx factory.

We are smitten. We’ve already used our four Mondrian-esque blocks as a step stool and side table and can imagine all sorts of things to make with Everblocks….

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

…from a planter, ledge at the head of the bed, library ladder…



The blocks come in two sizes — 12″ x 6″, and 6″ x 6″,  plus an end cap for finishing the exposed blank side if desired.



They come in twelve colors which can be stacked and organized into endless shapes, sizes, and patterns…

full block colors

Our favorites are the neutral blocks; the white ones especially are curiously stylish…

Everblock Bar+2


We see Everblocks as a way to make all sorts of useful apartment furniture without messing around with hammer, nails and plywood (as much as we love the stuff). Dig this room divider:

divider wall*

We imagine configuring this basic desk into a standing desk. Once the blocks lock together, they are remarkably sturdy, yet light enough to move easily…

standing desk?


They can be taken apart to reconfigure as desired…



…The colored blocks are especially nice for kids…

Kids+bookshelves *

Everblocks will also work fine outdoors to make rooms, planters….

outdoor walls

…and to create pavilians and spaces. (We’re thinking Constantino Nivola’s outdoor rooms and walls)…



…including forts and houses. Rosen envisions Everblocks being used as emergency housing during disasters. He says that an Everblock wall is sturdy at a ten-foot span…EverBlock Temporary Structure

Rosen is just gearing up production of Everblock. We’re looking forward to visiting his Bronx factory and MAKING a bunch of the ideas we have. In the meantime, you can buy Everblocks here.

6 Responses to EverBlock: Life Size Modular Lego-ish Building Blocks

  1. Ann 03.17.2015 at 5:47pm #

    I WANT!!

  2. Karen 01.31.2016 at 6:03am #

    I want to make a bed and storage out of ever locks but need some ideas to get me started and realistic amount I would need please help

  3. Sally 02.05.2016 at 12:08pm #

    There are lots of ideas on the Everblock website. As I remember, they have a space where they can advise you on how many blocks you need to make your project.

  4. Karen 02.24.2016 at 6:53am #

    Thanks Sally

  5. Yaneli 08.20.2018 at 11:06am #

    Quiero saber si en mexico los tienen enventa

  6. Sally Schneider 08.20.2018 at 11:48am #

    Lo siento. No se.

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