Chris Burden’s Beam Drop: steel, concrete + CHANCE

Video link HERE. Artist Chris Burden used some of our favorite materials — concrete, steel beams, a construction crane…and…chance — for his Beam Drop. For us, the crazy power of the piece is in watching it: pure gravitational and other mysterious forces violently plunking the beams  into wet concrete, fueled by Burden’s vision.

chris burden beam drop

Bruno Magalhaes/Instituto Inhotim

At Inhotim, a contemporary art center and botanical garden in Brazil, a construction crane drop 100 locally sourced steel beams from a height of 45 meters into a 3 meter-deep wet concrete pit.

“The random fall of the metal creates an abstract arrangement that results from both the artist’s control and by chance. The violent clangs that resonate from the metallic blows juxtapose the vast, serene natural environment of the massive art complex.”

chris burden beam drop 2

Bruno Magalhaes/Instituto Inhotim

The gorgeous beauty and fierce power of “random”.


Images courtesy of Instituto Inhotim © Bruno Magalhaes  

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