Testing! Testing! with a Fab Basquiat Inspired GIF

Old English video by Ruffmercy

After a series of hair-raising technical glitches and outages, our server has been majorly upgraded. Just to make sure everything’s working fine, we’re sending this fab gif out as a test.


via Dezeen

7 Responses to Testing! Testing! with a Fab Basquiat Inspired GIF

  1. Ann 03.28.2015 at 6:34am #

    Loud and clear!

  2. Mary 03.28.2015 at 7:33am #

    Very flashy and apparently glitch free. Yay!

  3. Jim Dillon 03.28.2015 at 11:51am #

    Indeed I do.

  4. ellen rocco 03.28.2015 at 12:48pm #

    Indeed I do!

  5. Lisa 03.28.2015 at 1:23pm #


  6. David Dworski 03.28.2015 at 1:24pm #

    Loud and clear on the west coast!

  7. Sally 03.28.2015 at 1:26pm #

    Wow, SO good to hear from all of you. Thanks for checking in, and for the folks that called and emailed to alert me that the site was down Friday. So happy for IL’s awesome readers.
    Please keep your fingers crossed that IL is SOLID!!!

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