Scaffolding Festooned with Flowers, with Haiku

Holton Rower sent us this astonishing image of scaffolding festooned with flowers,  an utterly magical arbor to walk under.  We wonder who made this ephemeral artwork, and where it was?

We found two haiku to go with our imagined walk through it:

       In the white plum blossoms
night next to day
       just turning.

       Very brief:
gleam of blossoms in the treetops
        on a moonlit night.


Thanks Holton!

3 Responses to Scaffolding Festooned with Flowers, with Haiku

  1. S Thompson 04.07.2015 at 12:59pm #

    It’s a living wisteria vine made by nature!
    Probably in Japan….

  2. Sally 04.07.2015 at 2:04pm #

    OHHHHHHH! Thank you so much. So our Japanese haiku are a good match (:!

  3. Jane Reynolds 04.07.2015 at 7:15pm #

    Yes, white wisteria- blooming just about now too.

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