Vicarious Home Building: Blu Home’s Breezehouse

Want to see a very cool house appear before your very eyes? Watch as the Blu Home‘s team delivers, sets, and unfolds a prefab Breezehouse in one day, making it watertight before the impending rain. (Video link here.)

Although we know the reality of ANY kind of building — even prefab— comes with unforeseen glitches, and that the lack of them is most likely due to this being a film (edited), it is curiously thrilling to see the house come into being.  It fuels our home-building fantasies like kindling.

(The Origin Breezehouse, at top, is the cheapest version. Guess how much prefab costs

Thanks to Susan Dworski for alerting us to it!

2 Responses to Vicarious Home Building: Blu Home’s Breezehouse

  1. kimithy 04.08.2015 at 11:45am #

    I LOVE prefab homes, but the cost at the moment is unfortunately still prohibitive for many (the cheapest prefab home offered is almost twice the cost of what we priced out a similarly-sized, simiarly eco-friendly home would be if standard-build) 🙁 I keep hoping the cost will go down by the time we’re ready to build, so we can afford one!

  2. Sally 04.08.2015 at 4:50pm #

    Yeah, they are unexpectedly expensive. I just liked seeing the house HAPPEN!

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