FAB, Curiously-Addictive Miniature Food Videos

(Video link here.) The Japanese YouTube channel Miniature Space has married the satisfying addictiveness of food shows with doll-house fantasy-thinking into strangely mesmerizing videos that we can’t seem to get enough of. Miniature Space prepares real food in teeny cookware. Some videos focus on assembly, like a layer cake and a sushi plate. Others require actual cooking (over a tealight), including a boiled egg, a doll-sized onion ring tower and a tiny stack of pancakes (which we find ourselves wanted to eat). All are lessons in inspired improvisation.

The videos are a curiously potent stress reliever and mind refresher. You can even vicariously decorate a tiny cake

Mini food- cake decorated

We find Mini Food Sushi to be pretty beautiful, and strangely meditative. (Video link here.)


via BoingBoing

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