Waylon Lewis Makes ANOTHER Leap, Kickstarting a Book + a Publishing Co.

(Video link here.) Waylon Lewis, founder of the mega-blog Elephant Journal as been something of a role-model to us, for his rare combo-platter of energy, perseverence, business savvy, fearlessness, generosity, HEART and willingness to LEAP and take risks. Waylon first launched Elephant as a paper magazine, and then made the leap to digital, gradually growing his readership into a massive and very active one.

Now Waylon is trying a new venture and ANOTHER big leap: his first book, which if it flies, will be the start of Elephant Books, an indie publishing house that plans to pay its authors 5 times what conventional publishers pay, a worthy and ambitious goal, given the number of very fine, underpaid writers we know. It could mean a sea-change in the publishing industry.

Things I Would Like to Do with You’s Kickstarter is at day 23 of its $35,000 goal.

Waylon Lewis book cover

It was written as I approached my 40th birthday as a contemplation of love, and what I have learned, and what I long for, and it is something like poetry, or fiction, or an autobiography…

It’s not about me—it’s about our love, our longing for love, for a love that is not a Mad Men claustrophobic you-complete-me love but a love with space, appreciation, room for change, a sense of humor, even an edge of tenderhearted sadness.

You can read the first chapter here.

Waylon Lewis

3 Responses to Waylon Lewis Makes ANOTHER Leap, Kickstarting a Book + a Publishing Co.

  1. Carla S. 04.21.2015 at 9:59am #

    Enchanting and touches on what must be primordial, universal yearnings. A sorry surprise, then, to click on “read the first chapter here” and see a photo of a beautiful woman lying in bed, stretching her long legs and wearing only a tank top, necklace and underwear. At chapter’s end Waylon acknowledges the photo isn’t of his cabin (or his woman). So why this photo? Why a semi-undressed woman?
    The publishing endeavor might represent novel thinking (ha!) but the possibilities for women are straight out of Mad Men.

  2. Sally 04.21.2015 at 10:21am #

    You stated the contradictions very eloquently. I felt them too. Not straight out of Mad Men for me exactly, but an romanticized view that seems to fly in the face of the “primordial, universal yearnings” expressed. My question: if you take the pictures away, does the prose come across differently?

    Knowing Waylon, he will likely make his publishing endeavor happen, which for me, is the most important goal.

  3. Clara 04.25.2015 at 4:14pm #

    This book was on sale on his website last year. It still showing as on sale! How can it be on sale , albeit it pre-order for 6 months and not have the cash to print it. This mob of eco warriors have my money for 6 months but I have no book. and now not showing as to be ready before September. I want my money back plus one year’s interest!

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