An Inexpensive Joy-Sparking Gift for Women, Men, Kids

I’m always on the lookout for gifts I can stockpile for unexpected occasions, that work for many kinds of people. My trove includes a number of items in our shop, from books to the ever-great L’Econome paring knives. Recently, I stumbled on another goody: temporary tattoos.

I first discovered them when the daughter of a friend applied a gold bracelet to my wrist at dinner party; it was instantly, curiously, magically thrilling. It shone brightly, seriously like gold, for days, until it gradually wore off (no committment necessary.) I’ve since discovered that there are so many great temporary tattoos available —some really stylish — that make a charming + surprising gift for women OR men. Here are some favorites:

gold bronze bracelet 1

This pack of Gold Temporary Tattoo Bracelets has been a huge hit with my female friends, from really young to really old, allowing them to suddenly enjoy a gold bangle for days or until they change their mind.

gold bracelet 2

Tattly has a huge selection of tattoos that work for men and women. A gold carrot looks curiously swell on a guy.

As does this rubber stampish black cat:

But Tattly has a HUGE range of tattoos…here are just a FEW:

If you need them in a hurry, there’s a trove on Amazon.

Fashionista Mira Serrano Keras just alerted me that makeup and fashion brands are jumping into the temporary body art market. Nars has just come out with a line of modernist temporary tattoos I’d love to receive as a gift…


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