Morning Bach and a Light-Filled Path

(Video link here.)  We’ve always loved J.S. Bach’s 24 Preludes and Fugues for Well Tempered Clavier and found our favorite in the first 2:30 seconds of this video animation. It is wonderful music to start your day —or week— and the imagery sets the tone as well, of following a gentle light-filled path of creativity and…music.

From 2:30 on is a Bach Fugue’s wandering…

…in a parking garage (which you will never view the same way).



2 Responses to Morning Bach and a Light-Filled Path

  1. ellen rocco 06.15.2015 at 8:53am #

    Lovely! You post the most wonderful things – and it’s true, I will never view a parking garage in the same way. That will be a big shift for me given that I avoid them whenever possible!

    Many, many thanks, as always…

  2. Cydney 06.15.2015 at 8:53am #

    So lovely! Thank you, Sally.

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