2 Essential Steps to Completing Projects Close to Your Heart

(Video link here.) We love the Helio Sequence’s trippy, beautiful, psychedelic-ish animated video more for the visuals than for the music. Turn the sound off and you have a wordless meditation on the inventive, imaginative mind and the many unexpected connections that occur in the creative process.

It reminds us of the many ideas we have for inventions, designs, projects. We’ve taken Mira Keras’ practice of using Google Keep to make lists of ideas of things we’d like to accomplish. Current high priorities include:

Design the perfect bag to carry throughout the day

Develope some very cool products, including books, that our Improvised Life Readers would love

What’s our practice for furthering the projects dear to our heart?  

—Set aside just a little time each day to further it. That’s how we went from being a food stylist to a food writer many years ago. We kept writing and step-by-small-step, we eventually got work doing THAT, and it gradually pushed out the styling.

—And if we’re really stuck, we ask ourselves: WHAT is the fear that prevents action? and gently try to work through it.

What big ideas you are hatching?

Gif Upward-Mobility-by-The-Helio-Sequence_dezeen_01_sq


Stream + watch more lovely animation here. It is very nice to have on in the background.

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