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We discover SO many TINY improvisations as we wander through our days that we decided to start tracking them on Instagram. You can see the latest in Improvised Life’s sidebar, though you won’t necessarily know what it is. You’ll find the bigger view of our Improvised Life, with commentary, at…Like the 50-cent Lil Debbie Cake, above, a friend brought as a gift. Though totally made of chemicals, it LOOKED like the most wondrous little gateau, so we took a bite. Unfortunately it tasted like nothing, but yield a strangely marvelous sculpture.

And our untie-able elastic sneaker laces were stretched out so we improvised tourniquets to tighten them and give my feet some support

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

…And then there’s the hunk of piano sculpture we spotted on the street. We didn’t have the space so we called an artist friend to take this fab raw material for making…

Found Art - Wish I had the space...

Sally Schneider

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