A MOST Astonishing Message from a New Voice

The past two weeks on vacation yielded many wonders: an anonymous heart forged of pebbles and the incredible Fairy Sanctuary made of bits of this and that, below, both stumbled upon while wandering beautiful Omega Institute in upstate New York (Who MADE them, we wondered?). But MOST astonishing was this message we received via text message:

It is the first sounds of a newborn baby just arrived into the world: the uninhibited, exploratory expression of a new VOICE.

It seems a fitting way to start-up Improvised Life after our recent, very healing silence. We feel something of that sense of original voice after this time of rest and retreat, with many ideas about how to express Improvised Life’s philosophy in new ways. It is a reminder of just how essential it is to STOP and just be, in order to view life with refreshed eyes and heart.

The first day of our vacation, in a quiet house in the woods loaned to us by a caring friend, Pema Chodron’s enduringly illuminating When Things Fall Apart opened to this page;

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

“Through practice, we realize that we don’t have to obscure the joy and openness that is present in every moment of our existence…Life feels spacious, like the sky and the sea. There’s room to relax and breathe and swim, to swim so far out that we no longer have the reference point of the shore.”

We are full of ideas, while dazzled by the evidence of immense creativity we see around us daily…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

…done just for the pleasure of it, for maker and viewer…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

We are very happy to be BACK.

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  1. Kim 08.03.2015 at 8:47am #

    Taking a pause is so, so important. Thank you for sharing the surprises that came up for you during this time. You were missed!

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