Guerilla Signage: Why Not?

It’s curious how bright red stickers with the words why not? and Do. have been appearing around town, in the subway and on lamp posts.

They’re our new Improvised Life stickers. We wonder who the guerilla(s) is/are that are tagging things and spreading the word?

Maybe the friends we gave them to for their personal use…

Gregory Keras

Gregory Keras

…took such liberties….

Greg Keras

Gregory Keras

…hmmmm. We’ll have to give them a talking to….

Why Not? @whynot_improvise @improvisedlife #stickers #question

A video posted by Ellen (@ellensilverman) on

We won’t be too hard on them though. We LOVE guerillas (it’s sort of an ongoing theme/dream).


With thanks to Mira Keras, Gregory Keras, and Ellen Silverman for ‘er documenting this strange invasion.

2 Responses to Guerilla Signage: Why Not?

  1. kimithy 08.21.2015 at 5:24pm #

    Ooh! Are there stickers available for purchase in the Store link? I wasn’t able to find them, but would love to buy some to display proudly 🙂

  2. Sally 08.21.2015 at 5:49pm #

    Hey, I’m so glad to know that. I was wondering if people might be interesting in buying them. Thanks, Kimithy.

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