A Cheap Chic Hardwood Floor Solution

When we saw this Parisian flat in Design Milk, we were intrigued more by the floors than by the slanted shelves built into each “space” of the sprawling apartment. Short lengths of hardwood flooring are almost always less expensive than longer lengths, but, when laid out in the traditional, end-to-end pattern often LOOK cheap and rather ordinary. We love H2o Architectes‘ clever rethinking of short lengths of hardwood.

Stephane Chalmeau

Stephane Chalmeau

The herringbone pattern uses the same short lengths to create a much more interesting and expensive feel. As does the clever use of white painted boards or is it linoleum? which makes the floor truly unique.

“Tiling in” white (or colored) slats, whether wood or another material, is also a great solution to patches of old floors that have seriously damaged wood, which we’ve written about in the past.

woodfloors w tiles bookpage wallpaper

Alexandre Guirkinger

Alexandre Guirkinger

Photos by Stephane Chalmeau

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