PES’ New/Old Animation: Paper + A Dream

(Video link here.) When Honda engaged the ever-inventive filmmaker known as PES to make a short video about the company’s long history of innovation, he devised a NEW wildly labor-intensive form of animation. Not stop-motion, not flip-book, it is made by hand and paper, and shot by a camera, so has a quality of being from-scratch and old-fashioned in a strangely futuristic way.

Its intricate choreography of cut-out drawings speaks of a story way bigger than Honda’s. To us it is about the ways many creative projects really start and find their way via paper, collaboration, perseverance, fortitude…and a stunning amount of imagination.



…Improvised Life first website started with cut-out bits and pieces of type and images…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider


More PES films here.

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