Clawfoot Tub Sofa to DIY or Buy

We’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s many times and never noticed the very makeshift decor of Holly Golightly’s apartment: the crate coffee table…luggage storage bins…and…the wonderful clawfoot tub sofa. THAT set us on the hunt…

Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly-Golightlys-apartment-2

Clawfoot tub sofas are a trend we somehow missed. You can make one yourself (with another person; these tubs are HEAVY) OR buy them.

There’s a terrific Instructable DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch here, that covers every step in detail from evaluating a vintage tub, to cutting through cast iron to finishing it.

noahw via Instructables

noahw via Instructables

We love the empowering “Lesson learned” messages embedded in the very long process. Our favorite:

Don’t sweat cutting cast iron – it can be done!

noahw via Instructables

noahw via Instructables

Don’t want to deal with it? You can buy or have one custom-made at Etsy.

Tub sofas look remarkably comfortable…but then Golightly is definitely chill.

Breakfast at Tiffany's 4


One Response to Clawfoot Tub Sofa to DIY or Buy

  1. Laura Handler 10.07.2015 at 9:08am #

    As a kid I thought that was the most sophisticated apartment I’d ever seen.
    I wanted to have one just like it when I grew up and moved to New York.
    Got as far as all the white with pink and purple velvet pillows and later a zebra rug.
    I’d have made that sofa if I’d known how then!

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