Need to Relax? Watch Mesmerizing Gifs of Classic Japanese Prints


Some of the most inspired gifs — and acts of appropriation — we’ve seen lately are Segawa Atsuki’s incredible animations of pre-modern Japanese prints here.  We find this version of The Great Wave, Hokusai’s iconic woodblock from the 1800’s curiously soothing, as though we were IN that boat riding waves.  We imagine ourselves on that boat riding the waves…

【動く浮世絵】翻弄 created by 瀬川三十七
Here’s a more serene boatride across a river to cool out your day.
【動く浮世絵】渡し船 created by 瀬川三十七
We sometimes put these ‘Kites flying’ on a separate web page as we work; they curiously bring in lovely see breezes.
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