Clever Minimalist Pot and Utensil Hanging Systems

We spent a lot of time and thought devising a pot rack that would make our decades of pots easily accessible AND sleek-looking, rather than a weighty mass hanging above our kitchen island. So we were intrigued by two ideas found rummaging through Boffi‘s  “Kitchenology“, pdfs of their latest offerings.

Although totally whimsical and slightly impractical, hanging pots by strings from the ceiling creates quite a beautiful effect (and when clanged together, might double as an instrument).

We love the idea of hanging lovely old baskets or other vessels…

More practical if you have the room is an extra-long, room-spanning kitchen rail. Even a shorter version would look pretty great. The reality: if you want any rack-and-utensil system to look neat and sharp you need to maintain the order the stuff hanging on it.

UK studio Sevil Peach‘s utensil rail is made for someone whose pared cooking down to the minimum….We could see it working well in a work shop…

Seville Peach Studio

Seville Peach Studio

Since our Laboratory space is limited and has A LOT going on, we opted to nestle decades worth of pots out-of-the-way. But we still worked hard to devise a low profile rack to allow the pots to “float”…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Read how we did it here.

Sevil Peach rack via Remodelista

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  1. Lauren 10.15.2015 at 7:37pm #

    Those are impressive ideas, especially the last one. It’s a closet in the kitchen! And it looks like it works just as well for pots and pans as the bedroom one does for pants and shirts. I’m definitely keeping this in mind for my future home!

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