Music to Help you Chill Out or Sleep

(Video link here.) Open Culture’s The Best Music To Put You To Sleep: Minimalist Composer Max Richter, Pop Phenom Ed Sheeran & Your Favorites put us onto some great resources for relaxing music that would be great for working, winding down at the end of the day or to help you fall asleep.

We’ve been listening as we work, via Spotify (download the player here). It inspired our article on wireless speakers we love.

Who knew that Spotify has a couple of “Sleep” playlists? They are a great way to sample music that works for you —Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, Michael Whalen, Jon Hopkins to name a few or… even nature sounds. Once you know what you like, you can start putting together your own custom playlist.

spotify screen

If you type “Max Richter Sleep” into their Search box, you’ll find a good selection from the composer’s groundbreaking 8-hour lullaby, Sleep, designed to make you sleep. We wrote about it here. The video above gives a taste.

OR break the standard sleep-music mold altogether, and use Spotify to find any kind of music that puts your mind in the groove you find relaxing.

Maybe a little Dave Van Ronk singing Clouds?

Or perhaps John Lennon’s Imagine perhaps?


Or Lorraine Hunt Lieberson’s incredible Bach Aria Ich Habe Genug?

Sally Schnieder

Sally Schneider



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