Improvised Life’s Community IS Gold

I’ve been bowled over by raft of new Friends with Benefits subscriptions and the most astonishing, deeply-heartening praise from readers in response to my writing about Improvised Life’s Illusory Wealth.

Well, not completely illusory. I should have qualified it.

Financially illusory, yes. We’re still working hard to make Improvised Life sustainable.

The real gold is its readers, who for years have dazzled me with their generosity, concern, creativity, diversity, good will, big spirit.

No need to count my blessings; there they were right in front of me!

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider


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2 Responses to Improvised Life’s Community IS Gold

  1. Lauren 10.19.2015 at 1:04pm #

    : )

    And I mean that!

  2. Louisa 10.19.2015 at 1:19pm #

    Sally, I am so pleased to be a member of Friends with Benefits. Improvised Life inspires me daily and has gotten me, time and time again, to look at so many different aspects of life with open eyes and open mind. Thank you!

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