Re-envisioned Chairs We Could Make Ourselves

Over the past months, we’ve been collecting an illuminating array of chair images over at the great site Aqqindex. Each one has made us think, look into its structure, opened our mind to the many possibility of “chair”.

Most were designed by conceptual artist and designer Rolf Sachs. Our favorite, above: a mdf chair set on a box instead of legs…the box becomes both storage and a table. Brilliant.

All are so startlingly simple, it makes us think we could make them ourself:

Two chairs, spliced by cutting down the legs of one of them, and removing one leg of the other…

…two right angles on a four-sided box…

Kazuki Chair was designed by Kazuhide Takahama: four slabs of plywood! We found this description at Bonluxat that actually gives the details we’d need to make it.

Designed in ’69, it is a magnificent example of absolute rationalism that has something extra that places it outside of time. 

Structure multilayer birch, thickness 18 mm, semi-circular cross-section shaped edges. Polyester based painting and mirror polish finish or matt finish. Seat covered with white felt.

Looking closely at images and reading descriptions when we can find them are often all the instruction we need to get us going…

…no doubt DIY and how-to videos on the internet PLUS our willingness to try would take us the rest of the way…

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