Madonna Improvises with a Hand Dryer

Desperately Seeking Susan  was Madonna’s debut film. We hear she improvised this brilliant moment on the spot: “Susan”, arriving at the seedy uptown Port Authority Bus Terminal on 181st Street, prepares for her entrance into the city by using the restroom’s hand dryer in an unconventional way…

We will never view hand dryer’s the same way again…But just for the heck of it, we googled “hand dryer improvisations”. We found curiously little, except THIS:

Adventures with Gravel

Adventures with Gravel

YESSS. We hate those noisy machines…


bottom photo via Adventures with Gravel

One Response to Madonna Improvises with a Hand Dryer

  1. kimithy 11.17.2015 at 5:09pm #

    The positioning of the trash can underneath that dryer in the last photo seems destined to create a windstorm of garbage…

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