The Holiday Frenzy in Perspective

The cover by the great George Booth of the New Yorker’s Christmas issue nails the frenzied feeling of the holidays. Even Santa doesn’t have it together: all hell is breaking loose at the North Pole. Ian Frazier’s yearly poem Greetings, Friends puts it all into perspective. Check out this lovely bit:

A dearth of comfort to be found
In how the world is unreeling
Can’t deflate a hopeful feeling.
Next year may bring a whole new phase,
A plentitude of better days,
Grace completely unexpected,
Previously undetected,
Perfect breaks we don’t deserve
And don’t need to; so let’s swerve
Upward, onward in the crush
Of this season’s crazy rush,
Jumping with both feet, not looking,
On amazing grace depending.

Read the whole poem here.

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