Hotel Henriette: Stay There or Steal Ideas

We’ve written extensively about our usual practice of deconstructing and arranging overwrought hotel rooms. We’ve encountered SO many that were over decorated, stuffy, busy, that we stopped loving staying in hotels. Until we saw photos of Hotel Henriette in Paris, which breaks the mould every which way and gave us a trove of doable ideas for our own space.

The top image above speaks volumes. Interiors employ paint and plywood cleverly, along with true linen and other natural fabrics. The color palette is unique and surprising.

Many rooms are painted with lustrous geometries

Rooms divided by bright color makes them look modern and spacious

…warmed by natural textiles…

Need ideas for headboards? Henriette has them painted…

…and hung from the wall in vintage leather gym pads…

…We have never seen a hotel make such charming use of plywood…

…and roughly painted walls

Hotel Henriette

Want to see more? There’s a trove of images and information on Hotel Henriette’s website.

Got wind of it at Desire to Inspire.

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