Spirals that Focus a Distracted Mind

Just about every creative person we know has something of a “monkey brain” that can run off in too many directions to get much done. So they figure out personal ways to corral and focus their minds to get their priority work done. Mira Keras’ recently came up with a compelling practice, that is also fun: spirals.

Before she does work that requires great focus and calm, she draws a spiral with her bright red pen. “It’s a way I’ve devised to focus my mind before I do tattoos in a place where there’s a lot going on around me. It really works.” 


Sally Schneider

It’s utterly simple: start in the center and spiral outward…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

We are reminded of the spirals woven all through Alexander Calder‘s work, from paintings…

Alexander Calder "Tempête"/ SF MOMA

Alexander Calder “Tempête”/ SF MOMA

…to jewelry…

Alexander Calder/Christie's

Alexander Calder/Christie’s

…and the wonderful quote attributed to him, where he describes the first order of business in his method of work:

About my method of work: first it’s the state of mind—Elation (joy).

…which seems to us where Mira may be heading as she draws her spiral…



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