Patti Smith: Advice For ‘A Pioneering Time’

(Video link here.)  We can think of no better way to start a new week than with this interview with Patti Smith at the Louisiana Literature festival August 24, 2012 at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  She talks about self-expression, having an audience or not, suffering, happiness, perfection, expression, politics, technology. But she really builds steam toward the middle  and peaks around 3:40 where she talks about why we are living in a “pioneering time”. 

We’ve discovered that clicking the CC box at the lower right of the video allows us to read the words as she speaks them, making them resonate more deeply.

As ever, its Smith’s persona and lived wisdom that seem to us her greatest work in this later part of her life.






One Response to Patti Smith: Advice For ‘A Pioneering Time’

  1. Louisa 03.14.2016 at 1:03pm #

    Thanks for sharing this. I just finished reading “M Train,” which I found to be a beautiful, poignant, funny meditation on time and living in the world. I don’t typically re-read books, but I plan to put “M Train” back in the rotation so I can savor it again. Your point about her creation of art through lived wisdom is so, so true.

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