Weakness of Strength + the Stength of Weakness

(Video link here.) This short animation describes the incredibly useful “Weakness of Strength Theory”: the flip side of a person’s strengths in one context—the qualities you love or admire them for — are often irritating weaknesses in another. “Every virtue has an associated weakness”; one can’t exist without the other. And no one is ALL strengths and virtues; we are all a mix. Knowing this can help shift the way we view the failings, defects or downsides of people in our lives. Remembering that weaknesses are part of their gifts and strengths can help diffuse the charge when their behavior is challenging, and even help to understand them better.

The theory can work in the reverse to soften harsh self-judgments about what we perceive to be our weaknesses. Close examination often reveals “weaknesses” and “flaws” yield great gifts, rewards, talents, sensitivities, wisdom, abilities, blessings…



We find ourselves asking: What’s the weakness of the strength? What’s the strength behind the weakness?

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  1. kimithy 04.06.2016 at 10:15am #

    This is really cool, love the animation.

    Just noticed you had a “?” in the caption on the Chuck Close photo, I think the source of that fantastic photo may be this interview: http://whitecube.com/channel/in_the_studio/chuck_close_in_the_studio/

    Glad you included it, as I’ve always loved that work and haven’t thought of it in a long while!

  2. cassandra greene 04.10.2016 at 7:40am #

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