The Cosmic in a Coffee Cup

Our friend Josh Eisen emailed this image with this message:

Was sipping my cappuccino just now, swirled my cup to gather the foam from the sides, looked down and there it was.

Yin Yang in a coffee cup.The yin yang symbol describes the mutual interdependence of opposites: the seed of one always exists within the other. One will always eventually become the other, following the universe’s most essential principle: Change.

light : dark

birth : death

up : down

in : out

passive : active

going : coming

stillness : movement


All he had to do was SEE what was right there in front of him…

2 Responses to The Cosmic in a Coffee Cup

  1. DAVID SALTMAN 06.09.2016 at 11:36am #

    Full & Empty!

  2. Sally Schneider 06.09.2016 at 11:38am #

    YES! Great. Thank you!

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