LED-Illuminated Chairs, Tables, Beds

About the time we spotted Nadia el-Khoury’s chic, underlighted, slipcovered chairs in The New York Times Magazine, we saw this simple bed lit from underneath on poet Ocean Vuong’s tumblr.

lighted furniture bed via Ocean Vuong

They reminded us of a crazily beautiful table a friend created years ago: covered in swaths of handkerchief linen, it was lit from underneath, disguising the homely table and casting a strange spell.

Since then we’ve seen shipping pallet beds lit with LEDs..

Maliin Stoor

Maliin Stoor

…but hadn’t thought of illuminating slip-covered chairs or beds with sheer linen bed skirts…

Since LED’s do not get hot, they are safe to use near fabric. And we found some dimmable neutral ones whose brightness you can control by remote.

They can give the illusion the bed is floating…and could be a comforting nightlight for kids. We love these chair’s soft glow.

Stefan Ruiz

Stefan Ruiz

These colored light under the living room furniture turn it strangely futuristic…

lighted furnture chairs w colors


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  1. kimithy 06.20.2016 at 4:09pm #

    Ooh! I love the idea of the underlit draped dining table – can see that being really beautiful at events too, and easy to execute (even just a simple LED poplight or two installed under the tabletop with some velcro strips would do the trick). Great idea!

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