Warning! 10% Battery Left

Over years of working daily at a computer, we’ve come to see how similar it is to our human brain (or vice versa).  Just as computers that have had too many different applications working at one time can get slow and boggy, and benefit from being shut down for a while, so do we humans.

We’ve learned to recognize the signs:

like a computer, our thinking and ability to execute slow way down.

computer shut down 2

Writing an article or completing a project becomes a drawn-out task; simple things seem hard and take too long. Even a nap doesn’t help. Suddenly, it dawns on us: we are burnt out and need to refresh to avoid and out-and-out crash.

So we are going to shut down for a week and give ourselves a rest. We’ll reboot on Monday July 25th
…er…August 1st (THAT’s how tired we are.)

computer shut down


Icons made by Amit Jakhu from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

5 Responses to Warning! 10% Battery Left

  1. ellen rocco 07.25.2016 at 7:05am #

    I will do my best to soldier on without you. Enjoy!

  2. Vaughan Greene 07.25.2016 at 9:12am #

    Sweet dreams……

  3. Catbird Farm 07.25.2016 at 11:13am #

    Did you mean you will reboot on Monday, *August 1*? Because today is July 25! (You really do need a break?).
    I love the battery life analogy _ I’m going to start saying that to my family: “not now, I’m on low battery.” Perfect! Your break is well-deserved and I hope you enjoy it. –Catbird Farm

  4. Sally Schneider 07.25.2016 at 12:35pm #

    Yes, I did mean August 1st. Yeah, I REALLY do need a break (:.

    Thanks Catbird Farm, as ever.

  5. Sally Schneider 07.25.2016 at 12:37pm #

    Thank you BUT, don’t forget there’s 4000 articles in the archive. I know you’ve been reading since early on but perhaps you’ll find some surprises.

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