Survivalist’s Essential Tool (and Gift): Trees

(Video link here. ) In this astonishing simulation, Nasa tracks the flow of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide across the planet over the course of a year to reveal just how much trees clean the air. The planet literally seems to breathe when trees are in leaf. And in places where trees are disappearing or dormant, carbon dioxide levels rise dramatically.

That’s because leaves act like lungs in our vast planetary breathing system. The video, and this National Geographic article, increased our awareness of just how essential trees are, beyond their beauty, shade and energy (about which we’ve written MANY articles). And what we can easily do to increase earth’s tree population and combat global warming.
pine tree

The most direct way is to simply plant a tree or two. You don’t even have to do it yourself; simply make a donation to ArborDay the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees to support their mission to plant trees in endangered areas.  At Arbor Day you can print out or ship a gift certificate gifting a planted tree OR even ship a tiny tree for planting. We cannot think of a better gift.

Tree gift wedding favor

We inadvertently started growing a tree when we broke off a sprig of pine in our nearby park last Christmas to have as a holiday “flower”. Miracle of miracles, the sprig rooted, and has made a home in our Laboratory.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

But then we have always known that trees are incredibly strong and valiant. We spotted this one growing out of an abandoned building in Brooklyn.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

via National Geographic

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