Leap (William Wegman) with Haiku

One of the best titled leaps we’ve seen (in our vast collection) is William Wegman’s For a Moment He Forgot Where He Was a Jumped into the Ocean.

THAT is how we would love to live our life: to be SO in the moment, we forget all propriety and self-imposed limits and LEAP into something wonderful…

It reminded us of our favorite haiku by Shiki*. It has a slightly different meaning:  more about persevering into the unknown to find the wondrous sea and possibilities…

Into fog, through the fog
We rowed. Then:
The wide sea —so blue, so bright!

And then there is this from Basho:

The old pond;
A frog jumps in:
Sound of water.

Photo via Kleidersachen; haiku via Zen Art for Meditation

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