String Light Wreaths, Trees and Freeform Decorations

Terrain’s circular displays of their holiday lighting made us think “wreath” and gave us lots of ideas. Just coil the lighting (using a form if necessary) and tack it to the wall. This one made of Stargazer Glass Bubble Lights is especially wondrous (though a bit fragile). There are all sorts of iterations of lighting made into wreaths, decorations and wall trees.

Copper twine lights make a lovely wreath. The wire is malleable enough to form into different shapes; thick crafts wire in copper, silver or colors can be shaped into a circular form to wrap the lights around to make a wreath.



We bought some copper wire lights at Amazon that we like because they’re dimmable. We let them sprawl freeform on the window ledge by our dining table to add a bit of festive light.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

…these Morrocan-inspired lights are pretty swell…


Battery-powered fairy lights are lovely woven through a bought farmer’s market wreath of pine, herbs or cedar like this one from Terrain.


Grapevine also makes a lovely “instant form” that you can keep through the years OR burn pieces of it to scenting your space with wood smoke or for pan-smoking foods on your stovetop (If the grapevine wreath is very dense, unwind some of the branches to thin it; keep them for smoking). Terrain not only wrapped their grapevine with tiny lights, but added some flowers a la minute:



Copper wire lights is also malleable enough to forge into a tree. We love the minimal lines and curiously rustic look of this Glow Light wall tree.



…just zigzagging them back and forth as you tack them to the wall makes for festive tree…

For inspiration and possibilities, check out this vast array of string lights

2 Responses to String Light Wreaths, Trees and Freeform Decorations

  1. Jane Dale 12.15.2016 at 5:03am #

    What an illuminating and sparkling faerie light post. I haven’t seen such lovelies here in England.
    All in this post are a joy to see, especially for this long-time lover of faerie lights…not just for Christmas. Thank you!

  2. Sally Schneider 12.15.2016 at 6:31pm #

    YES….NOT just for Christmas.

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