A River’s Natural Ice Circle (Mandala)

(Video link here.) Photographer Kaylyn Messer made this wondrous, tiny video of an ice circle on the Snoqualmie River near Seattle. It’s a huge disk of ice formed when a large ice chunk breaks off in the river. In an effect called a rotational shear, the current slowly spins and grinds the ice into a perfect circle. It’s a divine little meditation: you hear the sound of the river and watch the circle slowly spin. Here are two 20-second views.

(Second video link here).

One Response to A River’s Natural Ice Circle (Mandala)

  1. Julie Houston 01.25.2017 at 2:05pm #

    The river circles are so unbelievably beautiful.
    Thank you Improvised Life for posting this soothing, peaceful subject.
    A true reminder — in these terrible, media-driven times — that Nature needs no audience.

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