Give Up Judgments, Substitute Poetry (John Cage + Rilke)

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We found this astonishing line in John Cage‘s ever-illuminating A Year From Monday.  SUCH a good idea. We are starting our week giving up judgments….for….this hunk of gold…



…of a poem by Rilke:

Breathing: you invisible poem! Complete
interchange of our own
essence with world-space. You counterweight
in which I rythmically happen.

Single wave-motion whose
gradual sea I am:
you, most inclusive of all our possible seas-
space has grown warm.

How many regions in space have already been
inside me. There are winds that seem like
my wandering son.

Do you recognize me, air, full of places I once absorbed?
You who were the smooth bark,
roundness, and leaf of my words.


Translated by Stephen Mitchell

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  1. Samuel P. Marchbanks, LLD 02.21.2017 at 12:31pm #

    Further to this idea: the odds are near certainty that every time you breathe, you’re breathing the very same air molecules that passed through the lungs of Jesus! Here’s the math:

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