Here’s Your Joy Permit!

As we passed a Police/Fire Emergency alarm on 123rd Street, we noticed an official looking bright yellow form taped to it. We walked by then turned back to read it; something didn’t look quite right. We discovered that it was a sort of makeshift dispenser of…JOY Permits, issued by the Department of Efficiency, Empowering Clerks Network, Center for Supportive Bureaucracy. Having issued various home-made “Certificates” giving permission to friends to stop, chill out, go out to dinner etc. we were very happy to find, free for the taking, our own Joy Permit. 

And we marveled at this perfect guerrilla action that some anonymous person pulled together. (A fine Random Act of Kindness.)

We thought we’d pass it along for you to print out (here) and fill in your name for absolute permission to have a Monday full of JOY.

Sally Schneider

Perhaps you require other kinds of permits (humans need MANY kinds of permissions).  Supportive offers all sorts and the means to print them out.

Forgiver’s License (Class A & B)
Refurbished Report Cards
OK Parent Awards
DIY Certificates of Recognition
Loving & Liable Entity (LLE) certification
Apology Declarations
Learner’s Permits
Open Carry permit for musical instruments
Validation Tickets
True Friend Diploma
Aunt & Uncle Adoption certificates
Pain Deeds
Clown Visa
Free-Play Admission Tickets

Sally Schneider

Personally, we’re going for the Forgiver’s License.


3 Responses to Here’s Your Joy Permit!

  1. gallagher hayes 04.17.2017 at 6:41am #

    (thanks for the smile Sally!
    Sometimes, i don’t realize i need one,
    i GET one!)


  2. Ori Alon 04.23.2017 at 10:57am #

    Glad you enjoyed the Joy Permits! I issued some official documents, No Racism Within 100ft signs, Inner Child signs and Certificates of Recognition that day I’ll come visit again soon!

    Ori (Center for Supportive Bureaucracy)

  3. Sally Schneider 04.24.2017 at 10:27am #

    After our own hearts!

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