What Happens If You Apologize Every Day?

On a visit to artist Holton Rower‘s studio years ago, I photographed this sign on a studio door. It instantly shifts your perspective: about being more mindful of the potential to hurt someone’s feelings…
…including our own, come to think of it. Maybe especially our own.  Just about everybody I know judges themselves harshly, with unspoken word/thoughts they would never inflict on anyone else. 

What would happen if you apologized to yourself every day?


(Rower’s sign is also a fine example of using colored tape to create an instant reminder anywhere. Blue masking tape used for room painting, or paper washi tapes are particularly good; they lend a bright color that won’t damage walls if you change your mind down the line. _

Sally Schneider

…Think of the mysterious messages you can leave behind…

…an a la minute guerrilla messages…

Sally Schneider

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