Voyage of Discovery: Murukami’s 3300-Song Playlist

We have heard of the legendary record collection of novelist Haruki Murakami and the music obsession that seems to fuel his writing, which is permeated with music. We were thrilled to find a Spotify playlist with over 3,300 songs that range wildly, from rare jazz recordings to a huge riff of Bach and Elvis. It’s called Haruki Murakami’s vinyl collection by Masamaro Fujiki.  (If you need Spotify’s free software, download it here.)

While we were working, we sampled A LOT, culling favorite tracks to make our own playlist of new discoveries. Suddenly we found ourselves grooving to the Beach Boys, a band we disdained when we were young and thought the Rolling Stones the epitome of cool.

You’ll find something to accompany whatever you’re doing this weekend. Perhaps you’ll get some of the inspiration Murukami gets when he writes; his vast record collection sits adjacent to his writing desk.


Find music in specific Murakami novels here).

via the great Open Culture

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