Etsy Studio for Hard-to-Find Project and Craft Supplies + Ideas

When we were searching for hardware for a bag we are prototyping, we scoured New York City’s garment district and the internet for sources. We were surprised to find the most complete offerings at Etsy. The digital marketplace of crafters and sellers has expanded into a source of Craft and Maker’s SUPPLIES called Etsy Studio. Between and, you can find a remarkable range of supplies.

Etsy Studio allows buyers to search for items using supply-specific filters including color, size, material, and other filter selections like yarn weight.

In addition, the website features tutorials for simple projects, many of which you can do with what you have on hand. 4 Ways to Make a Flower Bouquet More Personal sparked some good ideas. “Stamp your own flower wrap using a hand-carved stamp and kraft paper” reminded us that the big Kraft paper roll we keep on hand would make dandy wrapping for flowers… We do love the polka paper made with round stickers, above, which reminded us of the potential for dit stickers Yayoi Kusama style.


Wildflower Seed Bombs appeal to the Guerilla Gardener in us.


Lavender Scented Sachets and eye pillows really do help us chill out. We just might make some to give as gifts…


This whipped Body Butter looks pretty great…

Randomly searching products, we found the fantastic, endlessly versatile MT White Washi Tape for $3.39 a roll, the cheapest price we’ve seen.

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