Alison Harris’ Skyscapes: “Being Attentive to What is At Hand”

Photographer Alison Harris spent six years photographing the sky from her window in Italy. The result is a series of photographs that gradually evolved into A Window in the Sky, an exhibition at Spaziotemporaneo gallery in Milan. It also became a simple, contemplative practice that we can all easily do.

I saw these skyscapes over a period of six years from a window that overlooks the Mediterranean. Standing at this window I became immersed in an open-ended spectacle of light. In the editing process a sequence emerges referring to the passage of time. It is a study of light, and reflects my emotional response to what I am seeing. I juxtapose images to find a rhythm between shapes, colors and plays of light.

Standing at the window is a way of being still and attentive to what is at hand.

Alison put together seven skyscapes for Improvised Life, to be published in a specific order. Each is identified by the date and time she saw them. The first, at top, is from August 1, 2015 at 20:18.

October 11, 2013, 18:57 / Alison Harris

June 1, 2010, 21:11 / Alison Harris

Jan 8, 2013,  18:13 /  Alison Harris

July 12 2014, 05:53 / Alison Harris

August 11, 2014  06:59  / Alison Harris

July 5, 2014, 21:06 /  Alison Harris

For us they are a reminder of the extraordinarily varied and rather miraculous changes going on all around us, if, if we can find a way to be still and attentive to what is at hand. It only takes a moment.

More images here.


4 Responses to Alison Harris’ Skyscapes: “Being Attentive to What is At Hand”

  1. gallagher 06.19.2017 at 11:09am #

    “..if we can find a way to be still and attentive..”

    Funny how stillness,
    and attentivness,
    can create such powerfull energy,…

    is it an eruption?

    Contradictions seem to thrive
    on one-another….

    Thanks for Monday.

  2. Gabrielle Cody 06.20.2017 at 7:44pm #

    Alison, these are extraordinary still lives, they are material, sensual, metaphysical, and just simply gorgeous to ponder. I love how much you have worked with time, trusting that time would bring you what you would need. Thank you!

  3. Judith Harris 06.21.2017 at 8:07am #

    What beautiful skyscapes — sensitive, intelligent. They bring awareness to us. As Gabrielle Cody remarks (above), they are working with time.

  4. Mimi Horne 06.21.2017 at 6:50pm #

    Beautiful photographs, Alison! The view from that window is always inspiring. Wish I could see your show. All the best,
    Mimi Horne

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