Improvised Life’s Very Quiet Birthday Celebration

I just realized that July 4th was Improvised Life’s birthday, the day, eight years ago, I pressed PUBLISH and took the site live in what seemed like a giant leap. I haven’t a clue how it’s come be in the world this long, from its earlier iteration with its shoots-and-ladders header meant to show the unexpected connections that creative thinking naturally makes …

…to its present format (above)…that STILL persists leaping and jumping and shifting gears.

My fuel is the energy that comes from Improvised Life’s readers: generous, compassionate, smart, caring, funny and REALLY creative. And that mysterious force that makes me look around everyday with an eye toward amazement, follow trails of ideas, then sit down and write…

…from Marcel Breuer’s concrete block table

…to Anni Albers’ simple declaration of what “being creative” is really about:

Sally Schneider

…to Twerski’s illuminating parallel of lobsters and we humans in how we respond to stress and change

…to a seriously good, easy, biscuits that take 3 minutes to assemble (not to mention butter to with them):

Sally Schneider

and on and on….

Somehow over the years, 4,000 articles piled up in the archive!!! You can browse them by clicking on the red arrow at the bottom right of this page OR by clicking on the SURPRISE ME arrows on the right sidebar. Or type a word into the SEARCH bar and see what appears.

ALL are ideas you can apply to your daily life, to solve a problem in your space, or work or shift/lift your thinking…

Reading as birthday celebration!

In the meantime, I will take these few odd days between the Fourth the weekend to rest and wander, grateful.

Yasuzo Nojima





12 Responses to Improvised Life’s Very Quiet Birthday Celebration

  1. Pamela Hovland 07.05.2017 at 12:09pm #

    Eight years! Time flies. Thanks for persevering Sally, and for all your generous, thoughtful, timely, inspiring , surprising, beautiful gifts delivered to my inbox. Happy birthday to you. Onward!

  2. gallagher 07.05.2017 at 12:50pm #

    Eight Years(!).

    The celebration is ours!

    Thanks Sally.
    I’ve only been “eating cake”,
    for the past year,..
    it’s a pleasure.

    4000 articles!,…!
    ,enjoy the pause,.
    for the cause,..

    I’m makin’ biscuits. ?

  3. Louisa 07.05.2017 at 1:51pm #

    Thank you for this marvelous and inspiring gift.

  4. Masha 07.05.2017 at 1:56pm #

    Indeed, Happy Birthday for many years to come ! Immediate inspiration from your posts and a good mood daily 🙂

  5. Cydney 07.05.2017 at 2:43pm #

    Thank you, Sally, for all your thoughtful and creative work!

  6. Jan 07.05.2017 at 2:53pm #

    Improvised Life has provided with food for the soul, mind and body. Imagine my surprise to see the quote from Anni Albers. One of her students, Professor Naomi Whiting Towner taught me weaving. What inspirational talks our class had about Anni and Josef! I saw color and life in a new way.

  7. Diane 07.05.2017 at 8:41pm #

    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Improvised Life, I do know it was by chance and I recognized your name from your cookbook(s). Ever since IL has elevated my thinking and inspired me to move forward. Many thanks Sally!

  8. Corinne 07.05.2017 at 8:44pm #

    A HUGE thank you for 4,000 jewels, golden nuggets of words and wisdom, a treasure beyond compare…thank you Sally for your hard work & dedication in creating something rich and beautiful…it’s a joy to be a subscriber … Many many benefits!

    Happy Birthday IL

  9. kathi roy 07.05.2017 at 8:59pm #

    Thank You for sharing. I look forward to my “in”box daily because of your shares!

  10. Sally Schneider 07.05.2017 at 10:21pm #

    You were there from the very beginning, Pamela, with that first wonderful design (REMEMBER, all our big conversations?)
    It is hard to believe it was eight years ago; it seems like another time and place.
    I’m going to rest a few days and then…


  11. Sally Schneider 07.05.2017 at 10:26pm #


  12. Angela Burton 07.06.2017 at 8:17pm #

    Thanks Sally for giving me and others a bright spot in our days – and inspiration for our lives. I, too, am happy to be a subscriber. Big hugs! Here’s to many more years… Cheers!

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