How a Toilet Paper Holder Turns into Sculpture

In the bathroom of the Van de Weghe gallery, where we saw Devir, Enrique Oliveira’s massive tree sculpturewe were struck by the strange, very sculptural toilet paper holder with its bold statement of HERE I AM.

When we looked closely and then pushed it a bit, it fell into place and revealed itself as a broken toilet paper holder. Someone had cleverly transformed the no-longer-functioning holder into a much more interesting one…with a simple shift.

The best kind of fix: BROKEN being better than the original.


2 Responses to How a Toilet Paper Holder Turns into Sculpture

  1. gallagher 07.14.2017 at 8:26am #


  2. Alma Vaca (Shower Caddies INFO) 07.17.2017 at 1:50am #

    At first, I was like… “what?”. But upon reading it again and again, I realized what you’re saying. Great post, and great website too! 🙂

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