Live Rose Jackets and Other Lovely Flower Apparal

Such a lovely idea for charming-up a piece of clothing that’s too plain, or lost its magic, or when WE just need to be festooned…

….with fragrant roses.

From a 1993 Dries Van Noten menswear show….

…(roses are specially good because they have strong stems and are pretty sturdy…)

If you think of how boutonnieres work: they are little clusters of flowers pinned to a spot on a lapel that doesn’t get knocked around much…

…then you realize, there are lots of places on a person that don’t get knocked around (all around the collar and down the lapels and arms at the very least, and tucked into the ties of shoes….)

Of course, there are all sorts of ways to wear flowers…


a patch of skye

…perfection on a dreamy summer’s day

We looked for a photo of a flower merkin but couldn’t find even one. Curious.


We did find this poem by Rimbaud...

From a golden step,– among silk cords, 
green velvets, gray gauzes, 
and crystal disks that 
turn black as bronze in the sun, 
I see the digitalis opening 
on a carpet of silver filigree, 
of eyes and hair. Yellow gold-pieces 
strewn over agate, mahogany columns supporting 
emerald domes, bouquets of white satin 
and delicate sprays of rubies, 
surround the water-rose. 

Like a god with huge blue eyes and limbs of snow, 
the sea and sky lure to the marble terraces 
the throng of roses, young and strong. 


Flower jacket spotted at the great Kleidersachen

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