Line Drawings and Tattoos on Walls or Floor (Cocteau, Matisse, Keras)

This charming line drawing Madrid artist Angela Leon drew on her wall made me think of Matisse, Jean Cocteau AND Mira Keras‘ monochrome tattoo designs.

Angela Leon

When I asked Mira if she could transfer one of her line-drawn tattoos to a wall, she said ‘sure’. She makes a stencil for each tattoo that could be easily enlarged. Or she could draw freehand.

Mira Keras

Her rendition of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, perhaps…?

Mira Keras



…or some of her floral designs, whipped off a la minute..

Mira Keras

A friend of a friend emulated Matisse in the wall drawings he made in his barren entry wall in his house in the jungle of Kanchanaburi, north of Bangkok near the Myanmar border…

And there are the wonderful drawings Jean Cocteau’s made at Villa Santo Sospir, his friend Francine Weisweiller’s villa in the South of France.

© Aurelie Millet


What could be a better gift than an artist friend leaving a drawing on your wall?


Sally Schneider



Contemplating a tattoo. You can contact Mira Keras here.


Angela Leon’s wall drawings via Poppytalk.


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