Weekend Playlist: 4 Decades of Bob Dylan (and What Was Happening in the World)

Our favorite thing to do is work on projects — drawing, designing, sewing, fixing, whatever! — while listening to music. We plan to do a lot of it this long Columbus day weekend accompanied by four decades of Bob Dylan’s music. Samuel Huxley Cohen created a 55-hour free-to-listen Spotify playlist that covers 763 songs in chronological order, from the early sixties’ folk and protest to 2016 Fallen Angels. (His current album can be found separately on Spotify here.)

You get to track Dylan’s artistic progression, the changes in his voice, as well as the music of the times. Stream it here, or at Spotify.

To make it more interesting, we’ve found a digital timeline of what was happening in the world from 1962 to 2012.


And of course you can spot pick the era or songs you like to collect in your own playlist.


3 Responses to Weekend Playlist: 4 Decades of Bob Dylan (and What Was Happening in the World)

  1. Susan Taylor 10.06.2017 at 10:53pm #

    I read this post early this morning while on our last day of vacation in Maui; Bob Dylan has certainly been the songwriter/poet/singer of my 67 years. Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and listen to him while resuming the usual weekend chores!

    Have you watched Leonard Cohen’s speech to the Spanish royalty about how he learned to play the guitar? It is a seven minute clip; every time I watch it I feel honored to see it again. The other very important soundtrack in my life!

    Thanks as always from the left coast for the Improvised Life; I love to see it early in the morning!

  2. Ellen Rocco 10.07.2017 at 9:27am #

    To Susan: I just watched the speech. Thank you for suggesting it. I, too, am very moved. I have learned great deal from Leonard Cohen’s music – particularly Anthem. I didn’t know it until a good friend introduced me to it and I knew immediately that I had found my own anthem.

    To IL: Thank you as always for being there.

  3. Sally Schneider 10.07.2017 at 10:17am #

    Hi Susan,
    Yes I know that speech well and wrote about it a couple of years ago here. I also included a link to the full transcript as his words are worth savoring. Thank you for reminded us all of it.

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