Cyrille Aimee Building a Song in Bed Will Make You Dance

(Video link here.)  Last night we were searching HARD for a song to go with a perfect-for-start-of-the-week Muybridge sequence of a woman dancing. It didn’t appear immediately… but, rather, 10 hours later in the form of this lovely wakeup song by Cyrille Aimée, via a friend. It is, in itself, a wonder (as was the lovely synchronicity that is very much part of Improvised Life.)

Eadweard Muybridge

Aimée deftly uses a loop pedal to record short riffs of herself as percussion and backup singers to play back in a repeating loop. She literally builds each element of the song from scratch to sing a cappella along with…herself, in bed

I just want another chance to show you that I can make you dance light as a feather…


Thanks Charlie!!

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