To Bend To Not Break (Cecile Belmont)

Cecile Belmont‘s art work of words, designs and symbols, appear in places and on walls, and most powerfully on clothes. It is a pleasure we found at random, leaping from one site to another with Improvised Life in mind.

This message is a particularly potent reminder of a way to be daily, hourly, minute by minute, as many forces may seem to try to break us.

Flexible is perhaps the word we are looking for:


Somehow these foot prints choreographer Trisha Brown made seem just right…supple, pliable, resilient, variable…

Trisha Brown /


Trisha Brown /


Trisha Brown /


2 Responses to To Bend To Not Break (Cecile Belmont)

  1. gallagher 10.30.2017 at 4:53am #

    I’ve returned to this post,
    a few times now…

    Bending, at times, to the point of
    ‘not standing for anything’;
    …I wish to share:
    ‘Breaking’, sometimes leads, to our biggest ‘break’.

  2. gallagher 10.30.2017 at 8:45am #

    p.s: Every now and then,’s good to take a ‘break’! 🙃

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