Poetry of Falling and Flying in a Magical Choreography with Trampoline

(Video link here.  This enchanting video is a fragment from La mécanique de l’Histoire (The Mechanics of History) an installation by dancer Yoann Bourgeois on view at le Panthéon in Paris. It is one of Bourgeois’ many startling choreographies exploring gravity, weightless suspension, balance, the relativity of movement, and the space “between flying and falling“, a subject close to our hearts.

It reminds us of ourself and friends as we work away on projects that invariably involve moments of falling…and not knowing…or losing our balance… and then somehow…finding our way back partially… only to fall again and progress a little farther the next time…repeating the process… as we make our way…to completion, or an unexpected place altogether.

It is the same for the creative process as it is for life. It is life.

And then we think of our favorite words from Samuel Becket:

Ever tried.

Ever failed.

No matter.

Try again.

Fail again.

Fail better.



One Response to Poetry of Falling and Flying in a Magical Choreography with Trampoline

  1. Larry Dunn 11.30.2017 at 2:29am #

    Everybody fails many times to have a happy ending. So when we fail, the way we face the failure is very important. Some do not dare to do it again, some will continue to fight. And if you do not give up, you will be successful someday. Thanks for sharing!

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